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Does Subaru Use Torsen Differential?

Have you ever heard of Torsen Differential? You might have come across the term if you are into racing or car mechanics. But do not worry if you haven’t, because you are about to be amazed! Torsen Differential is a sophisticated, high-performance option to make your ride more fun and safe. Read on to learn how it works and how it can benefit your car.

What is Torsen Differential?

Torsen Differential

Torsen stands for “torque sensing.” Essentially, Torsen Differential is a mechanical device used to distribute the torque between the wheels differently, depending on the situation. For instance, if you are driving in a straight line, the torque will be distributed equally. But when you are turning, the outer wheel will receive more torque, which increases the traction and improves stability.

Torsen Differential consists of three main parts: the worm gear, the bevel gears, and the case. The worm gear is connected to the input shaft, while the bevel gears are on the output shafts. The design of the gears is such that they create a mesh pattern, which allows the power distribution to happen. In simple terms, the Torsen Differential uses friction and the angle between the bevel gears to distribute the torque.

Benefits of Torsen Differential

Now that you know what Torsen Differential is let’s talk about why it is useful. There are plenty of reasons why car enthusiasts and racers prefer Torsen Differential over other types of differentials. The following are the main benefits of Torsen Differential:

Better Traction and Stability

One of the primary benefits of Torsen Differential is that it provides better traction and stability. As we mentioned earlier, Torsen Differential can distribute the torque between wheels depending on the situation. This feature comes in handy when you are driving on uneven surfaces or taking sharp turns. By sending more torque to the outside wheel, Torsen Differential reduces the chance of slipping and skidding, which increases stability and control.

Improved Performance and Efficiency

Torsen Differential is also known for its superior performance and efficiency. Traditional differentials tend to lose traction when one wheel is lifted off the ground, while Torsen Differential can still provide some power to the wheel on the ground. Additionally, Torsen Differential doesn’t lose power due to the free-spinning wheel, as traditional differentials do, which means more power is going to the wheel that needs it.

Longer Life Span

Lastly, Torsen Differential has a longer lifespan than traditional differentials. Since Torsen Differential relies on friction and worm gears instead of clutches or plates, there are fewer moving parts that can wear out over time. Moreover, Torsen Differential does not require regular maintenance, unlike other types of differentials, which means less hassle and costs in the long run.

Traditional Differential Torsen Differential
Relies on friction plates or clutches Relies on friction and worm gears
Needs regular maintenance No regular maintenance required
Higher chance of slipping and skidding Better traction and stability
Lower performance and efficiency Higher performance and efficiency

In conclusion, Torsen Differential is a unique and sophisticated method of distributing power to the wheels. With its ability to provide better traction and stability, improved performance and efficiency, and longer lifespan, no wonder why Torsen Differential is a favorite for car enthusiasts and racers alike. If you are considering upgrading your ride, do not hesitate to give Torsen Differential a try!

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